Find Legitimate Work from Home – How to Recognize Work from Home Scams

Looking for work from home? Have you been offered with a work from home job opportunities? Are you sure that these jobs are not scam? How can you tell if a work from home offer is a scam or legit? The following tips will help you learn how!

Criminals do progress with the advancement of time. Now, unscrupulous criminals have discovered how to take advantage of people through the power of the internet. The following is a list of the signs that a work from home opportunity is a scam. Check them out and learn!


REQUESTS MONEY UPFRONT: If you are offered to work from home if you pay a certain sum before you get in, you need to end the transaction before it even starts. It is illegal to ask money if no service or product is exchange between the two parties. A work from home offer to you is not a service offered to you. A work from home is job offer for you so you should be the one asking for money and not them!

WORK FROM HOME JOBS THAT PROMISE HUGE SALARY OR EARNING FOR LITTLE WORK OR SKILLS: Work from home online jobs are generally more convenient than other more conventional jobs. But that does not mean that people who have online businesses will just hire anyone who have no skills for their work from home job opportunities. Usually, online business people give one week paid trial period for any work from home applicants. The potential work from home employer will assess the ability and skills of the person. If quality of your output is not at par with what the work from home employers expect, you’ll certainly never going to get the work from home job.One of the more obvious signs that a work from home opportunity is a scam is if it promises huge earning for a little work or skills. You need to be wary of potential work from home employments if they promise incredibly huge returns. $200 per hour salary for a data entry type of work from home is really fishy. Do not fall for such tactics. This is an obvious sign that the work from home opportunity is a scam. Unscrupulous criminals use such promises in their ads as bait to make their victims visit their sites. More tempting promises are given to you once you clicked the link that lead to their official website and read the articles in it.

THE AD OR SITE IS DESIGNED AS ONLINE NEWSPAPER: Another reason that you have to put your guard up is when the ad or the website for the work from home is designed to make like an online newspaper. The ad usually shows a picture of a person who seems to be in a news room reporting. The website looks exactly like an online newspaper page. The URL and the title of landing page reflects newspaper-like titles such as “Money Today,” “Business World,” while the articles are written in news form. Work from home scammers use this tactic to give some credibility to their sites. The newspaper-y feel of the website removes any suspicion from the victims.Normally, people who offer legitimate work from home will never show you an official website. A work from home opportunity is usually posted in independent and often unrelated online job listings and contacts are made similarly with how you find jobs offline. It is very rare for a work from home company to recruit people to their working team using their own websites. If they need new employees, they’ll just look for people they need without posting ads and building specific websites for them.

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